Dump the Trump

The Game

Dump The Trump is a card game. It's also a party game. But it's not like ordinary games. Playing it, you will have to forget your deepest convictions and let go of what you thought you valued in life (e.g. healthy relationships with people close to you). It doesn't matter if you're Donald Trump trying to eliminate the US Congress or a Senator that puts away an innocent colleague. How well do you really know your friends, family and coworkers? Only one way to find out: Get your very own deck on Kickstarter – now!

Rules of the Game

Playing Card Moderator


You're the game moderator. You guide everyone through the open and closed door phases, announce the eliminations and insist on a final decision during votes. You can set time limits for the players' decisions. Thus, you control the order of the game. Read the instructions carefully, so you don't miss your actions. Pro tip: call the Attorney and the Journalist every single time the doors close, even if they have already been eliminated from the game (the players won't know this!)

Playing Card  Member of Congress

Senator / Member of Congress

You’re a Senator. Your goal: Find out, who Trump and his supporters are. Take notice of how the others act, talk, behave and what they say. Everything can be used as a clue to identify The Donald and his crew. But be careful: You absolutely need to avoid eliminating your own allies…

Playing Card Trump

Donald J. Trump

You're non other than Donald J. Trump himself. As President, you only have one goal: ultimate power. For you, that means to eliminate the US Congress, i.e. all Senators in the game. You have your supporters to help you but unfortunately you don't know who they are. In the end it's only about on person: you. That means pulling every trick in the book, deceiving friends and foes and confusing everyone involved (basically, what Trump does in real life every day). You have to watch out, though. If people are on to you, you'll need strong arguments to convince them otherwise.

Playing Card Trump Supporter

Trump Supporter

You're a Trump supporter. As one of the President's counselors, it's your job to confuse the Senators and help your boss succeed. So lie as much as you can, spread fake news and pit the "good guys" against each other. Deception has to become second nature to you. You win if Trump wins. If you have to sacrifice yourself to make that happen, then that's what you do. During the secret meetings you can choose a player to be eliminated. However be aware that Trump might veto your verdict and choose someone else instead.

Playing Card Journalist

Real News Journalist

Uncovering stories is what you do best. You're often informed before anyone else knows what the hell's going on. During the closed doors phase (secret meetings), you investigate and point to someone. The Moderator will indicate to you – and only to you – if that person is a Senator or a Trump supporter. Use your skills wisely, because, as you know, information is power.

Playing Card States Attorney

States Attorney

You can protect the innocent and overturn verdicts. When Trump and his supporters have chosen a Senator to eliminate, you will be called upon by the Moderator. Now it's up to you: Will you save them from elimination? Choose wisely, as you can only do this once (you can save yourself as well, by the way).

Playing Card Whistleblower


As a whistleblower, you won't go down easily. If you are eliminated, you drag someone with you: You can point to any player in the game and they have to turn over their card, thus revealing their (secret) identity.

Playing Card Putin

Extra: Putin

Russia isn't enough for you. You want to rule the world, and your first step is control over the United States. You know you can control Trump, but you need to get rid of all these annoying Senators and especially Trump's supporters. So you deceive the deceivers, lie to the liars, fake news the fake news'ers. When Trump is supposed to signal to his supporters who he is by raising his hand druing the first secret meeting, you do the same. This way the Trump supporters will never know who of you two plays Trump. If you and Trump are the only ones left in the game, you win.

Playing Card Moderator
Playing Card Trump
Playing Card Back
Playing Card Trump Supporter
Playing Card Back
Playing Card Member of Congress Dead
Playing Card Back
Playing Card Member of Congress
Playing Card Back
Playing Card Journalist Dead
Playing Card Back
Playing Card States Attorney
Playing Card Back
Playing Card Whistleblower
Playing Card Back
Playing Card Putin
Playing Card Back

Get more friends!

Get a second deck of cards!

1. Let the games begin

How many players are you?

2. Shuffle and deal the cards out

Shuffle the cards. Everyone is dealt a card face down and looks at it secretly. The Moderator is the only one who reveals his card.

3. Secret meetings and open meetings

The game has two phases: Open meetings in the Congress and secret meetings behind closed doors. The Moderator introduces the phases.

4. The doors close – secret meeting

Let’s go! Moderator: "Secret meetings are happening behind closed doors. Everyone, close your eyes."

5. Trump Supporters' turn

Moderator: "Trump Supporters, open your eyes." Trump Supporters open their eyes and recognize each other. Moderator: "Trump: raise your hand but don't open your eyes" Trump raises his hand so his supporters know who he is. Important: If Putin is played he has to raise his hand as well.

6. Trump Supporters eliminate a player

The Trump Supporters choose to eliminate a player from the game. They signal this to the Moderator silently by pointing at said player. Moderator: "Trump Supporters, close your eyes."

7. Trump's turn

Moderator: "Trump open your eyes" Now it's Trump's turn. The moderator indicates to Trump who his supporters chose to eliminate. Trump can either agree with the decision (thumbs up) or overtrun it by choosing someone else instead. Moderator: "Trump close your eyes again"

8. States Attorney’s turn

Moderator: "Attorney, open your eyes." The moderator shows the Attorney the victim that Trump respectively his supporters chose. Attorney, now you have to decide: Do you want to overturn the victim's verdict and thus save them? Signal your decision to the Moderator with thumbs up (save) or down (don't save). But remember: You can only overturn one verdict per game. Moderator: "Attorney, close your eyes."

9. Journalist's turn

Moderator: "Journalist, open your eyes." Journalist, do your investigative work: Point to one of the players. The Moderator will signal to you if that person is a Senator (thumbs up) or Trump supporter (thumbs down). Moderator: "Journalist, close your eyes."

7. The doors open – open meetings

Moderator: "The secret meetings have ended. The doors of the Oval Office open, everyone open your eyes. The open meetings in the US Congress begin."

8. Announce the victim

Moderator – you have to inform the Senators. Was someone eliminated? Or did the Attorney save them? If someone was eliminated, that person is out of the game. If it's the whistleblower, he or she can point to one player and they have to turn over their card, thus revealing their identity to everyone.

9. Discuss and Debate

Go ahead and lie your asses off. Throw your morals and values in the trash can. You have to survive, for God's sake. Lie, deceive, conspire, accuse, beg, cry. Try not to hit anyone (no, seriously, don't hit). The goal of the Senators is to find out who Trump and his supporters are. Trump and his supporters, on the other hand, want to eliminate all Senators from the game.

10. The vote

Decide. Try to come to a democratic vote about who is Trump or one of his supporters and should thus be eliminated – this player is out of the game. If there’s no consensus, no one gets eliminated.

11. The doors close again

Moderator: "Close your eyes."And the fun begins anew…

End of the game: Member of Congress win

The Members of Congress win, once they find and eliminate Trump

End of the game: Trump and his Supporters win

Trump wins if all Senators are eliminated.

End of the game: Putin wins

Putin wins when he and Trump are the only ones left in the game.

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